8.0.1 supports grib2?

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8.0.1 supports grib2?

Post by volare » 03 Mar 2017 00:45

Saw the added support for grib2, downloaded the new version, and it still can't read a NDFD grib2 file.

I use opencpn to view them right now, but zygrib would be awesome if it worked.


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Re: 8.0.1 supports grib2?

Post by volare » 03 Mar 2017 23:58

To see a sample of the data, send an email to query@saildocs.com with any subject and this in the message body:


Here's an excerpt from the reply:
Grib extracted from file NDFD-Oceanic-20170302-18z.grb dated 2017/03/02 18:38:22
request code: NDFD:32N,22N,118W,107W|0.12,0.12|0,3..168

"NDFD" files are forecaster-generated wind and wave forecasts in grib format
from the US National Weather Service (NWS) for portions of E Pacific and
W Atlantic & Gulf offshore waters.

Please note that NDFD files are experimental and may not always be available.
Coverage is currently limited and will be expanded in the future.
NDFD forecasts should always be used in conjunction with the text bulletins.

For more information on NDFD and other available data from Saildocs
send a (blank) email to: gribmodels@saildocs.com

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