Shortcut for timeline [on Mac, zyGrib 8.0.1]

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Shortcut for timeline [on Mac, zyGrib 8.0.1]

Post by tom22 » 27 Jul 2017 09:45

Is there a shortcut key to move the time? Or can this be configured somehow? IIRC on a windows version I saw someone moving the time with the arrow key. But on the Mac it doesn't work, the arrow key only moves the map (which is not helpful). Thanks a lot!

PS: many thanks for the (huge) work on zyGrib, I'm grateful for this quite nifty software. However I found it a bit rude when I opened the Help Menu and was greeted with a (bad) joke about help request registered... Do you really need to do this? For newcomers it would be more helpful to be pointed to some documentation and/or say that there is none (maybe with a hint that writing one would be appreciated).

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