New GFS 0.25x0.25 degrees.

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New GFS 0.25x0.25 degrees.

Post by Fliers » 06 Nov 2014 18:23

Now that a new GFS has been released that has horizontal resolution of 0.25°x0.25° can you modify zyGrib in order to run it with this very nice analysis resolution?

Also in December 9th 2014 the new GFS will replace the old one. So is the GFS will continue working in zyGrib or there will be trouble?

Another question:
I've downloaded the zyGrib code but i have not found any file to say from where of the NOAA directories the zyGrib takes GFS data. Can you point me the source code file that has this procedure defined?

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Re: New GFS 0.25x0.25 degrees.

Post by Norman » 25 Nov 2014 18:44

I am interested in getting the .25 resolution too, since in Central America, we are surrounded by 2 big oceans, we need better resolution due to mountain terrain in between from 0 to 4500m.

thanks for your feedback

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Re: New GFS 0.25x0.25 degrees.

Post by jedi87 » 05 Jan 2015 23:34

this is the offical announce from NOAA:

Effective on or about January 14, 2015, beginning with the 1200
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) run, the National Centers for
Environmental Prediction (NCEP) will upgrade the GFS Analysis and
Forecast System as follows:

- Changes to the model components
- Increases in horizontal resolution
- Addition of 0.25 degree gridded output
- Addition of new product fields
- Change to product naming convention
- Changes in product timeliness
- Changes to downstream model impacts.

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