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Please consider adding the route function,thanks.

Posted: 09 Apr 2020 12:26
by binghelang
Good day zyGrib developers,Greetings!
I'm a worldwide navigation officer working on merchant ships, I have been using zyGrib for more than 5 years, this is a very good programm for sailors to monitor the weather around the ship and helped me so many times, though most of the worldwide merchant ships now are using Elctronic Chart Display and Information System(ECDIS) and some of them contains weather information function,for example SPOS from Meteo Group company and Bon Voyage System from Storm Geo company(the snapshot),I still keep zyGrib in my computer and recommand it to my colleges.
I have a functional suggestion for zyGrib,that is to add the routes function in the programm,enable the users to draw a route or inport a route in GPX formats,the programm will display the route after draw a route or imported a gpx format route,and then enable to display the position point(which calculated depends the input estimated ship speed by user) in every 3 6 9 12 or 24 hours intervals(with wind or wave information on that time) on the route line,this would be a great user experince for sailors to well know the weather along the route in a glance,maybe the attached photo could help to describe what I mean,and hope could add this function in the recent version.

Thanks and B.rgds
Bon Voyage System Snapshot